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About Sun Country Meadows

Photo Credit: Steph Divey

Established: April 1985

# of Lots: 451



Sun Country Meadows was developed by the Alley Brothers, April 9th, 1985 and filed with the county. Originally all the lots were supposed to be four-acre lots. Since the lots were not selling as well as the developers imagined in 1987 the developer filed for filing 3,4, & 5 to be two-acre lots.

The Rattlesnake fire station was so equipped to receive the highest ISO rating to lower insurance cost on our homes. They let the HOA hold monthly and annual meetings for many years. The subdivision has the Son Country Country Church for worship. The HOA meetings are now being held at the church.

At one point in time, South Shenandoah Drive and Evening Star Court were owned by the HOA. Around 2002 the HOA partitioned the homeowners on South Shenandoah and Evening Star Court to have the roads turned over to the county for maintenance which was successful.

In 1997 the developers were able to turn the subdivision over to the homeowners. Jay Pershing was named the first President of the HOA. Once a week for about two months, the homeowners met at Jay's home to adopt the rules and regs., by-laws, and covenants using a template from the State, approved by the homeowners and filed with the county between 1999 and 2001.

In 2008, Randy and Beth Dotson bought one of the commercial lots on the corner of Sun Country Drive and County Road 29 and put a convenience store and gas station.

Written by: Bob Lindsey

Meet your HOA Board Members

Bob Lindsey

President & 

Property Director ​​



Linda Krausert



Vickie Reynolds

Secretary and Director of Communications​


Dennis Brewster

Board Member


Kelly McMeeking

Administrative Assistant​


Mike Ramsey

Board Member


Amanda Tullis

Board Member


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